Monday, 23 September 2019

Access Through The Cloud

Smartek is delivered as a cloud based service on your desktop, tablet or smartphone browser. Access to Smartek and your data is available 24x7 anywhere in the world using 2048 bit SSL security.

There is no need to install any software and all updates are automatic. As soon as you have been issued your username and password you and your contractors are ready to use it on any internet browser including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Companies, Staff, Plant/Equipment

Smartek will manage for:

  • Companies including your own and your contractors
  • Their employees including your staff
  • Plant and Equipment

All their details and required compliances with Smartek's alert system keeping you and them aware of when crucial compliances are about to run out. Photos of employees and plant and equipment can be stored, accessible anywhere from the system.

Entrance Control

If entrance control is important to your business operation, then Smartek can help. Smartek’s entrance control feature is extremely flexible in that it can monitor or control access through mobile hand held scanners, fixed readers or physical barriers including turnstiles.

Access to a site can be dependent on the company, employee or plant being deemed compliant by Smartek, based up on what compliance you set against what compliances they/it has.

Site Resource Management

If it is important to you, Smartek can record hours on site for employees, contractors, persons under your care. With Smartek, you can at any time, verify what equipment you have on your site or at your venue.

Smartek can also be used to investigate OHS legislative compliances for contractors. An example of this is verification of a workers compensation policy limit, by comparing the number of contractors staff scanned in on site against the number of workers covered. Again, you can set the parameters around what is important to you, saving you time, money and effort.

Compliance Management

Smartek manages compliances for your companies, employees and plant and equipment in many ways. Smartek can record all compliances defined by you as a simple repository or for further use in checking access to sites, pre-qualifications etc. Document images can also be saved as part of the compliance record.

Individual sites can be configured to have a unique set of required compliances for entrance control managing access to sites. Compliances can be "role" based such as, for instance, only checking security guards for security licences or fire extinguishers for yearly AS1851 maintenance inspections.


An excellent safety feature that Smartek provides is Emergency Mustering.  If you have scanned in all staff, contractors or persons under your care and control at the commencement of business and an emergency occurs such as a fire, a bomb threat or anything that causes an evacuation, this feature is a must.  By scanning all persons at the assembly point, Smartek will be able to tell you if all persons are present and accounted for.  If not, Smartek will identify who is missing.  Remembering the personal data that Smartek collects in stage one, will give you access to mobile telephone numbers of the missing people. Communication could save lives.


Sometimes you will need all your contractors to have their compliances recorded in the system prior to even being considered for access to one or more of your sites.

Under the pre-qualification system, when a contracting company is required to work for your organisation, there will be no need for the contractors to continually provide the documents that are held in the pre-qualification area of Smartek.  They will always be current otherwise the system will mark the company as not being compliant.  This will save contractors and contract administrators’ significant time and money in handling documentation that is constantly being resubmitted. It will simply be a matter of verifying the status of the contracting company and their employees and connecting the successful contracting company to a specific site. For example, we have one client who requires up to 30 documents, including policy documents loaded in their prequalification area for companies applying for tenders.  The benefit to this organisation is a far more streamlined response and review.

One ID Card Per Person

Smartek ID cards can be read using three main technologies:-

  • Barcodes
  • RFID
  • QR Codes

ID Cards have photo identification which allows you to visually affirm that the person presenting the card is the actual person. Once the person’s card is scanned, Smartek will:-

  • Confirm or deny access for that person to the location based on the compliance status
  • Identify any compliance issues pending
  • Record the precise time of attendance

Smartek allows you to not only log persons entering your site/venue, you can scan them off as well, giving you their precise time in attendance and preventing contracting companies overcharging for inflated hours.

And remember only one card is needed per contractor employee or member of staff.


Smartek allows you to record details of any incident that may occur.  What type of incident?  Anything that you require to be logged. Examples may include but not restricted to any of the following:-

  • A workplace accident
  • Details of a safety breach by a staff member or contractor
  • Details of a disciplinary breach by a staff member or contractor
  • Persons found on site illegally
  • Hazardous Material
  • Customer Complaint

All incident types have a unique set of questions against them. If you have a new incident type that needs to be in Smartek we can set it up for you.

Email alerts can be configured for different incident types ensuring key personnel are up to date when incidents are created and resolved.

Random Audits

An excellent risk management strategy is random audits. As Smartek is mobile technology, you are able to check identification, compliances, skill sets, level of access for any person or piece of plant and equipment on your site/venue at any time simply by scanning the person’s Smartek identification card or the specific identification tag for any plant and equipment. All the information that is important to you will then be displayed or confirmed on a hand held scanner or smartphone.

Helps To Manage Your Business

Smartek is a premium, cost effective, business intelligence system that helps you manage your day to day operations and protect your business brand. Whether it is monitoring specific details of employees, contractors, student groups, security networks or plant and equipment, Smartek provides an effective medium that will report to you automatically on any compliance issue or fact that you need to know, when you need to know it. Smartek is scalable to businesses of any size.

Security Patrols

Whether you are a client of a security patrol company or a patrol company, it is important that you are confident that programmed patrols are in fact taking place.  Smartek establishes scan points at specific points at your site or venue. The security person merely scans the point, sending the time and date of the visit to your Smartek database.  As an end user, you know what you are paying for.  As a security provider, you are ensuring quality service to your customer base.

Single Site or Multiple Sites

Smartek can manage your critical data and compliances on a single site or across multiple sites.

You define your sites: they can be anything from a secure storage box to a football stadium each with a defined set of required compliances and/or a record of movement of employees and equipment in and out.


Reports can be run from Smartek or emailed to you at a scheduled time, eg each day, week, whenever you want. Reports can be exported in many formats including Excel, PDF etc as well as straight to the printer.

If there is a report you want that is not available just let us know and we will create one for you.

Visitor Management

We all receive visitors. These are generally people who are escorted on site and need no compliance checking.  Smartek will manage these visitors like employees, scanning in and out with their temporary ID card so that you have a clear record of who is on site in case of emergency.

Back Office Administration Service

Perhaps you have no facility for staff to collate and enter all of this information. Contractor supplied compliances must be vetted and formally approved in the system. Your contractors may want a direct line to a help desk. Who can do all this?

Don’t worry, we can do it for you.  Simply ask us to include this option in any proposal. Please note that Back Office is the only feature that is not included in the package pricing for Smartek.

Audit Alert System

Smartek will save you time, money, effort and stress. You can program Smartek to advise you when critical compliance dates or anniversary dates relating to any person, any contractor, any company or piece of plant and equipment is approaching.  In fact Smartek will send you three levels of alert, each well ahead of due compliance dates ensuring that all of the information and compliances that you manage are up to date.  If you work with Smartek, you will never have an out of date compliance issue.

Fatigue Management/Confined Space

Using Smartek you can configure alerts via email or SMS to warn about potential risks with fatigue and/or people in confined spaces, thereby reducing the danger of serious or minor safety incidents.

You can configure a site to send an alert if that person has not scanned out of that site within a particular time period after scanning in. The warnings can be repeated if necessary.