Monday, 23 September 2019

Managing Compliance in NSW Clubs

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Managing Compliance in NSW Clubs

We will discuss the compliance dynamic for Registered Clubs in NSW, and look at methods clubs can use to ensure they remain compliant whilst not compromising the continuity of your business. We will discuss: 

1. Existing legislative framework governing NSW Clubs 
2. How to build a successful compliance program 
3. The importance of audit of your compliance program 
4. Compliance Resources

Top 5 Work, Health & Safety Risks & Remedies for Clubs

Compliance is not just a set of rules designed to cause annoyance, it plays an important role in protecting human life and a business’s exposure to loss and thus its ability to survive long term. Alarmingly, many businesses take risks by not complying with standards that lie within the most basic of societies' expectations. 

Barrington's Senior Work Health and Safety Consultant, David Napper, will discuss the five (5) key risks businesses have within Work Health and Safety Compliance and the available remedies to ensure your Work Health and Safety Programs reduce these risks.

Managing Club Risks for the Layperson

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Managing Club Risks for the Layperson

We discuss the principles of risk management and how using even the simplest risk assessment methods allow for better-informed decisions. 

Whether you are concerned about compliance risk, security risk, safety risk, business risk or financial risk, we will demonstrate how the principles of risk assessment do not change. 

This webinar will give participants an insight into risk management and the application of international standards to ensure areas of vulnerability can be best managed.